We are an army of big-hearted sewists who provide face masks, surgical caps, and hospital gowns for our Health Care and Essential Service workers. To connect with them, join the Sewing Army Facebook Group.

Who are we? The Sewing Army Team

Diana Coatsworth- The Sewing Army Founder, Group Moderator & Admin

Melinda Deines- Group Moderator & Admin; Supply Donation Coordinator

Vic Chan- Group Moderator & Admin; Website Supervisor 

Michael Chan- Website

Renee Strasfeld- Group Moderator; Lead PPE Request and Fulfillment Team

Ann Griffin- Group Sewing Advisor 

Beth Bruck- PPE Request and Fulfillment Team

Social Media Manager- Elisia Ciancio

The Sewing Army Logo Design- Rebecca Black

Team Leaders for Supplies and Coordination

Bonnie Deakin- Stratford
Carol Buchanan Jackson- Niagara
Christine Thompson- Ottawa
Jessica Farrell- Petrolia

CAA Ambassadors 

Cyrus Lane
Megan Alfano
Melissa Rood

PPE Request Portal

Channel 1 Media channel1media.com
Katie Proulx – User Interface Designer
Daniel Gurin – Lead Developer
Stephen McMahon – Senior Developer
Michael Chan – Creative Director