We are an army of big-hearted sewists who provided face masks, surgical caps, and hospital gowns for our Health Care and Essential Service workers in 2020. To connect & share what you’re donating in your community, join the Sewing Army Facebook Group.

Who are we? The Sewing Army Team

Diana Coatsworth- The Sewing Army Founder, Group Moderator & Admin

Melinda Deines- Group Moderator & Admin; Supply Donation Coordinator

Vic Chan- Group Moderator & Admin; Website Supervisor 

Michael Chan- Website

Renee Strasfeld- Group Moderator; Lead PPE Request and Fulfillment Team

Ann Griffin- Group Sewing Advisor 

Beth Bruck- PPE Request and Fulfillment Team

Social Media Manager- Elisia Ciancio

The Sewing Army Logo Design- Rebecca Black

Team Leaders for Supplies and Coordination

Bonnie Deakin- Stratford
Carol Buchanan Jackson- Niagara
Christine Thompson- Ottawa
Jessica Farrell- Petrolia

CAA Ambassadors 

Cyrus Lane
Megan Alfano
Melissa Rood

PPE Request Portal

Channel 1 Media channel1media.com
Katie Proulx – User Interface Designer
Daniel Gurin – Lead Developer
Stephen McMahon – Senior Developer
Michael Chan – Creative Director